My name is Ben Major, a full stack web developer currently working for the UK’s largest online wedding venue directory; WeddingVenues.com. I’m an open source advocate, have a particular penchant for PHP and generally love everything to do with the web. I have been working on the web for over 15 years, and always discover new and exciting techniques, which is one of the reasons I started this blog. I am also a regular active member of the StackOverflow community with a reputation of more than 39k — check out my profile here.

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One of my most popular projects is jQuery Touch Events, an open source JavaScript framework for unifying touch and click events across devices. With over 640 stars on GitHub, the project has been used by Disney and Google. I also put together other projects, so please check out my Projects section for more information.

I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Computing and Software Engineering. I live in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom with my wife Marta and our small dog Poppy (a Shih Tzu / Yorkshire Terrier cross). I am also an avid historian, having authored several books specialising in the US Army during the Second World War period.